ASUS router DNS check fix

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After updating the firmware of my Asus RT-AX92U to version, I've noticed two DNS requests to every minute. My RT-AX92U is used as an access point, so there is zero reason to check for WAN availability. Additionally DNS is unchecked in Administration > System > Network Monitoring.

Ok, let's verify the settings in nvram:


Yep, it's not active and there is no host set either. So why is it doing a DNS check? Apparently was hard-coded as default and the dns_probe setting is ignored.


ssh into the RT-AX92U and run the following commands:

nvram set dns_probe_host=
nvram commit


P.S.: It might also be possible to do this via the UI, but I haven't tried that. Check DNS in Administration > System > Network Monitoring, enter in the field Resolve Hostname, and click Apply. After that one can uncheck DNS and click Apply again, although the disabled state is ignored anyway.