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Canada is probably one of the worst countries to live in during the pandemic. We have politicians who listen to so-called "health-experts" who flip-flop their opinions sometimes on a weekly basis. Do these "top doctors" even have a PhD in medicine? I don't think so. Marketing is more like it. And they are not really good at that either.

First, they killed off the most vulnerable populace in the LTCs and senior homes. Only 4 months after the shit storm started they mandated masks in those institutions. Well done. But I'm the one who's responsible for them dying staying at home and going grocery shopping. Canadian logic. Lockdown will fix that fuck up. Yeah, sure. Now, even though "inmates" are vaccinated they are still locked into their rooms without even allowed to get a shower. Or to go outside.

Every other month some fuckhead politician thinks that a lockdown will solve our problems. In reality those are problems they created. Yet, it's just a half-baked lockdown. Schools are still open, 1/3rd of the people flying into Canada are exempt from those idiotic forced hotel stays and concentration camps. And the 1 percent who are actually positive are national travellers. Another great job our government did there. Then, against all international advisors Canadian "health experts and top doctors" think that 4 months between vaccinations is a good idea. WAKE UP!!!

Our economy is done for the next 40 years. And who will pay for that fuck up? Us... we are. Because a few politicians "thought" they did the right thing. All this while flying off to the Caribbean ignoring all the rules they forced onto the populace. Great job, Canada. I'm very proud.

I'm sick and tired of our politicians. In other countries people go into a pharmacy and buy a self-testing kit for 7-9 dollars. Which they take before they meet up. But here in Canada I am in a full lockdown and told that it's my fault that people die all over the province. People I have never even met.

I'm not an anti-masker. I'm ok wearing one. But.... I have to wear a mask not to contract and not to transmit the virus. But when I'm positive I have to quarantine and can't go outside - even with a mask. So what is it? Masks only help, when nobody is infected? In which case, why do I have to wear one in the first place? This is pretty much an either/or thing. You can't have it both ways. This is what drives me crazy. This inconsistent BS pushed by media and "top doctors" (I call them ignorant fools, because that's all they are. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING ALL THESE PEOPLE IN OUR PROVINCE).

Anyway, it's not that I'm just disappointed. It's the first time I'm truly embarrassed being Canadian.