Violence in Toronto and the mockery of citizens

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Violence in Toronto has been all over the news lately.

There was a reporter asking how people are protecting themselves on the subway and asked whether people are carrying pepper spray.

Not only was this bad journalism due to lack of research, but more importantly a gross mockery.

In Canada anything that can be used for self-defense is considered a weapon and thus illegal. Pepper spray, knives, expandable batons, non lethal deterrents like tasers are all illegal. In 4 provinces it is even illegal to wear a bulletproof vest or cut/stab resistant gear.

Should you carry anything for self-defense you will be charged with:

  • carrying a concealed weapon
  • possessing a weapon dangerous to public peace
  • possession of a prohibited or restricted weapon knowing its possession is unauthorized

So the sad truth is that you cannot do anything in Canada to protect yourself, unless you are a politician who has bodyguards (paid with our taxes).

Oh yeah. One can stay at home.